Asset Tagging Service in Nigeria

Asset tagging services in Nigeria are essential if you are in businesses that rely heavily on assets to generate profit. Apart from allowing you to track your assets using labels and tags such as barcodes, our asset tagging service in Nigeria can significantly improve maintenance control. So what is asset tagging? Asset tagging labels businesses' assets and accurately identifies them for maintenance management, financial reporting, maintenance, and loss prevention. This process can open a wide range of tracking possibilities when combined with computerized systems such as Asset Tracking Software.

Asset tagging services in Kenya and East Africa

Barcode Asset Tag

Barcode Asset Tagging Services in Kenya and East Africa

QR Code Asset Tag

QR Code asset tagging services in Kenya and East Africa

Fixed Asset Tagging Service in Nigeria

As a practical solution, Swemi Tech’s asset tagging service in Nigeria can help you keep track of the items and get an overview of how many assets you have. You need to label these items and accurately monitor them across different locations, from computers to tools and other equipment. Therefore if you are looking for asset tagging services, consider Swemi Tech that provides tagging services and barcode asset tags in Nigeria. You’ll not only get aluminum asset tags but also asset management software to help automate your asset management. 

Asset tagging services in Kenya and East Africa

Why Do East African Companies Need Asset Tagging Services

Increase The Security of Your Assets and Facilitate Recovery of Lost or Stolen Assets

Whether you have inventory, equipment, or tools, asset tracking can boost the security of your assets and facilitate recovery. Using labels will also ensure you know the whereabouts of your assets at any given time.

Increase Accuracy By Reducing Human Errors in Collecting Asset Data

Asset tagging reduces human error and increases business efficiency by checking the status and security of the equipment. Without this process, you’ll have to manually document the assets, a process prone to inaccuracy and errors.

Improve Planning and Budgeting for New Assets

Asset tagging can also help you plan by forecasting your capital needs. It also helps determine the maintenance needed and provides information about the asset’s performance. This way, you’ll know whether it’s performing optimally or needs some adjustments.

  • Keep a Record of Employee Responsibility for Over-allocated Assets

    Besides assets, this process can help you keep a record of employees and ensure that you know who is responsible for a particular asset at any given time.

    Save Time and Money on Inventory Taking and Asset Audit Process

    If you own many movable assets, looking for one can cost you a lot of time. This is true, especially if you are in an industry like healthcare, where time is critical.

    Asset tracking also helps you reduce costs by automatically tracking your equipment and ensuring that your employees are as productive as possible.


The Products We Offer

We offer a wide variety of asset tagging solutions. Take a look at what may work for you.

Asset Tags

We provide asset tag labels to help you identify your company’s equipment, tool, or other fixed assets such as buildings, machinery, furniture, or handheld tools.

Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags

At Swemi, we offer Anodized aluminum asset tags that can withstand even the harshest conditions. 0.5mm thick, our tags are not only versatile but also come in self-adhesive and acetone-activated varieties.

Plus, they seal the print below thus providing you with the ultimate protection from abrasion, corrosion, and extreme temperatures and chemicals. 

Polyester Asset Tags.

Made of polyester, Polyester asset tags in Nigeria are not only durable but versatile as well. These tags also help in solvents and abrasion protection.

Components of An Asset Tag

Name of the company: All asset tags must include the company’s name. This way, your employees and customers can identify them.

Company Logo: The company’s logo will help you identify the asset without going so much into other details. Failure to include the logo might make it hard to locate your company’s property.

Barcode/QR code: Barcodes are essential because they offer automatic product identification by helping you scan the product.

Serial Number: Printed in numerical sequence, Serial numbers can help you better track your assets and distinguish your products from others.

Sticking Agent: Sticking agent is an adhesive used to stick the tag on the asset. There are two types of sticking agents namely;

  • Acetone-activated Asset Tags

Acetone-activated asset tags refer to adhesives used on metallic tags to ensure they are permanent and tamper-proof. You just need to remove it and then use gentle pressure to apply acetone and fix the tag on an asset.

  • Self-sticking Asset Tags

Unlike acetone-activated asset tags, self-sticking asset tags in Nigeria come with active adhesive. To use it, you just peel off the paper and apply pressure to fix the tag. 

Aluminum Asset tagging services in Kenya and East Africa
Aluminum Asset Tags
Polyester Asset tagging services in Kenya and East Africa
Polyester Asset Tags

Barcode/QR Code Scanners


Also known as a QR scanner, a barcode scanner is a scanning device that stores information as a series of pixels and is used to read QR codes. Since most phones are fitted with QR readers, they are often used to scan and track product information.

Barcode scanners
Both Wireless and wired barcode scanners available

Fixed Asset Management Software

Asset management software is a unique app used to track and record assets. It provides information about the assets, their location, and how they are used. Here are the benefits of asset management software in management.

Eliminates Manual Processes

Since manual processes are prone to error and inaccuracies, using an Asset tagging service in Nigeria can help you ensure that the data is reliable and accurate by automating the whole process.

Provides Centralized Information

With asset management software, you can save time by creating a platform where customers and employees can retrieve information. It saves time, and you do not have to visit the department. Plus, it allows you to manage inventory and control assets.

Prolongs The Assets Life

If you are a small business, chances are you have limited resources. So by increasing your Assets life, you can maximize their use and improve performance. For instance, if you know how much it costs to replace an asset, you can save money in the long run.


Helps in Asset Management

Asset management software can help you maintain the assets and keep them in good shape to work optimally.

Accurate Information

Asset management software can also help you provide accurate reports and analytics. This way, you can know where to increase or decrease your investment. 

Services our Asset Tagging in East Africa company offers

Pre-tagging verification

If you do not have an estimate of your assets or existing asset register we will assist in verification by estimating the number of assets in various asset classifications. This way, we can ascertain the number of tags required in the asset tagging process.

Fixed asset tagging services and data capture

At Swemi Tech, we affix labels on assets to track data in real-time and identify each of them individually.

Asset register development

An asset register development is the process of compiling a list of all business assets including their location, condition, and owner. The purpose of an asset register is to help our clients to know the status, price, location, depreciation, and the current value of their assets This way they can minimize costs, improve performance, and make informed decisions.

Our target industries for asset tagging services in Nigeria


At Swemi Tech, we can help minimize the time used to track an asset that has gone missing. Our hospital asset tracking will ensure the patient gets a better experience and also help you know whether equipment needs repair or not.


With Swemi Tech Asset tagging service in Nigeria, most learning institutions can access information on every device anytime. Our barcode also plays a role in recording essential information about a product.


At Swemi Tech, we help the government eliminate manual entry, thus significantly increasing efficiency and accuracy. Our asset tagging service in Nigeria can also help you track your asset’s history, location, usage, and maintenance.


Hotels that use our asset tagging are more likely to be stable and efficient. This is because they can trace any asset at any given time.


Regarding manufacturing, our asset tagging can help keep track of machines, equipment, and tools. Most tags have barcodes that you can use to scan the product’s information.


Swemi Tech, asset tagging service in Nigeria helps you track the assets wherever they are moved to the construction sites. The purpose is to dock or lab these assets for further distribution in all check-ins and check-outs. Plus, it helps determine the asset’s value to the company.

Benefits of fixed asset tagging service in Nigeria

Tracking and Monitoring Physical Assets

Businesses can use asset tagging to understand physical assets better, even when moving. Therefore, we will help you monitor where and how each piece of equipment is being used.


Swemi Tech asset tagging service in South Africa provides you to add all the necessary data to your assets and gives you better control of your assets. With this information, you can track the movements of your assets and share the data with your colleagues thus boosting transparency and accountability.

Streamlined Maintenance Management

Our asset tags play a very important role in maintenance management. If you pair them with the right software solutions, they can help your teams streamline their workflow and reduce inventory costs and enjoy an efficient automatic reordering system.

Cost Saving and Controlling Stock Loss

Asset tagging service in South Africa can also help you keep your inventory organized , save costs and reduce inventory loss. Having this information readily available in your asset register can help you reduce the risk of losing assets that are critical for the company.

Generating Regulatory Compliance

Regardless of what industry you’re in, there is someone who regulates it. Whether you are accountable for your industry or not, asset tags in Nigeria provide comprehensive data that can help you identify issues fast, maintain compliance and develop resolutions needed


Why you should purchase from our asset tagging company

Here is why you should have Swemi Tech as your asset tagging services provider

Professional Asset Management Services

With our professional staff, we offer an asset management program with accurate data and assist with label installation, so you can start seeing improvements as soon as possible. Our tailored services also include data management, and a completely personalized asset tracking solution

Integrated Systems

At Swemi Tech we seamlessly integrate your asset tracking or warehouse software systems with labels designed for how you work.

Dedicated Customer Service

When you contact us, you’ll talk to a professional with deep asset tagging application experience. We not only provide 100% support that meets your needs but also ensure that you can reach us anytime.

Increased Efficiency

With our asset tags in Nigeria, you can find what you are looking for fast and minimize costly errors that arise from manual data entry. Our labels come with the right adhesive, hang-ties, and other accessories to make your installation easy.

Improved Data Accuracy

We also offer to automate data generation with no duplication as well as durable asset labels to ensure you get 100% data accuracy.

100% Customizable

Whether you are looking for warehouse labels or asset tags in Nigeria, we will ensure that we manufacture the right label, data structure, and attachment method for your application. We don’t just make tags. We design, manufacture, test install while supporting you all the way

How Much Does Asset Tagging Cost?

Check out our asset tagging prices from the table below

Description 20-100 Tags 101-1000 Tags More than 1000 Tags
Aluminum Asset Tags $0.7 Per Tag $0.5 Per Tag $0.4 Per Tag
Polyester Asset Tags $0.7 Per Tag $0.5 Per Tag $0.4 Per Tag
Optional Services
Tagging & Register Development $0.5 Per Tag
Asset Management Software $1200

Frequently Asked Questions

Asset Tags are labels used to track or monitor assets, so you can know where they are at any given time. These tags also help in maintenance and inventory control.

The main difference between barcode and Qr code is the amount of data they can hold. Unlike barcode which is one dimensional, QR code is two dimensional hence contains much more data. 

To fix asset tags, you need to follow the following steps

  • Identify the category of the asset
  • Give it a unique ID
  • Know the type of label needed
  • Fill in all the relevant information about the asset
  • Fix the asset tag
  • Implement the verification process

Yes, asset tags can be scanned using barcode readers and tracked with asset tracking software.

An asset register development creates a complete list of your organization’s assets. It also includes the date assets were bought, their value, and physical locations.

Which assets require tagging?

Examples of assets that require tagging include;

  • IT equipment like laptops and computers
  • Furniture
  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Technical equipment

These assets require tagging because they are prone to theft and can easily get lost. Some of these assets such as technical equipment also need regular audit, monitoring, tracking and record keeping.

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