Asset Tagging in Kenya

Swemi Tech Specializes in provision of barcode asset tags, asset tagging services and barcode scanners in Kenya. We provide durable aluminum asset tags with QR code or barcodes suitable for all movable assets. We also provide asset management software to help automate your asset management

Barcode Asset Tag

QR Code Asset Tag

Fixed Asset Tagging Services

Asset tagging is the process of fixing asset tags on to loose assets (fixed assets) of a company. We provide professional asset tagging services in Kenya and develops an asset register. An asset tag normally contains a barcode/QR code (machine readable) and also a human readable code. During the design, a logo and a company name are added to the design depending on the clients specifications. We use a variety of materials to print asset tags such as metal, polyester, plastic, vinyl and paper among others. Metal (anodized aluminum) tags are the most common and are generally preferred due to their durable nature. We also provide tags with various adhesives at different costs, for example self sticking adhesive and acetone activated adhesive.

What Services Do We Offer?

Pre-tagging Verification

In case our client do not have an existing asset register or even the estimate of the assets that require tagging in various categories, we assist in verification for the purpose of estimating the number of assets in various asset classifications. This helps us to accertain the number of tags that are required in the asset tagging process.

Asset Register Development

An asset register is a document either in text document such as excel or database which contain information of assets as collected during tagging. We offer our client loose assets (fixed assets) data capture and develop up to date asset register. This is done hand in hand with asset tagging. After completion, we provide the client with both digital and hard copies of the reports starting with a draft for recommendation of editing and then final copy.

Supply of Asset Tags

After we agree on the suitable tags for your assets, we proceed with the design and generation of asset tags. In this process, we provide a sample tag for free for the purposes of approval before engaging in mass production of the tags. Upon completion, the tags are delivered to the client.

Asset Management Software

We supply our clients with a state of the art asset management system that enables clients/us to capture asset data. Details such as barcode, asset description, serial number are captured. The system offers automated depreciation of assets. It also enables users to use barcode scanners during data entry and when doing verification

Asset Tagging and Data Capture

This includes fixing the tags on your assets, scanning the barcodes into the software database, inputting other asset data e.g. description, manufacturer, model, location, custodian, cost, asset picture etc. and generation of an asset register detailing all your assets. Both soft and hard copies of the register are provided.

Wireless Barcode Scanners

To make data capture accurate and efficient, a barcode reader is used to capture the information on the tags and transmit it to the software. This is important at the initial data capture and creation of an asset register but also in subsequent asset verification or audits. We supply standard barcode scanners which can work with most types of tags.

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