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Electric Fence Installation for 100*100 Plot


This Package Includes

  1. High Tensile Wire
  2. Warning Signs
  3. W posts for electric fence
  4. Electric Fence Energizer
  5. Strainer Posts
  6. Strainer Insulators
  7. 4 Core Alarm Cable
  8. Alarm Siren Kit
  9. Heavy Duty Under-gate Cables
  10. Earth Rods
  11. Labor & Transport Within Nairobi

Optional: Galvanized Razor Wire can also be installed at an extra cost of Ksh 35,000


If you own a home on a quarter of an acre plot, having an electric fence installed is one of the best investments you can make. It provides essential protection from intruders and animals, such as neighborhood cats and monkeys. Electric fences are relatively simple to operate easily – all it takes is a switch or motion detector that sends a mild electrical shock to deter any trespasser. Additionally, it does not require much effort since most designs are maintenance-free and only need occasional inspections to ensure safe working conditions. As an extra layer of security, these fences also act as visual barriers. The bright yellow color grabs attention and makes unwelcome visitors think twice about entering your property!