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Electric Fence Installation For 50*100 Plot


This Package Includes

  1. High Tensile Wire
  2. Warning Signs
  3. W posts for electric fence
  4. Electric Fence Energizer
  5. Strainer Posts
  6. Strainer Insulators
  7. 4 Core Alarm Cable
  8. Alarm Siren Kit
  9. Heavy Duty Under-gate Cables
  10. Earth Rods
  11. Labor & Transport Within Nairobi

Optional: Galvanized Razor Wire can also be installed at an extra cost of Ksh 21,000


An electric fence is an important way to protect your home and property. Having an electric fence around your house will deter potential intruders and criminals. Additionally, the current passing through the electric fence acts as a physical barrier, keeping wild animals, large pets or livestock away from your property. An electric fence can also help keep any children or family members safe due to its ability to alert you if someone approaches your home while it is in use. Investing in an electric fence will give you peace of mind knowing that you are doing all you can to keep both yourself and your neighbors safe from those with ill intent. Swemi Tech can supply and install your electric fence for a plot of 50*100.